Cargo Center complex also has a weighbridge used for weighing vehicles with or without a trailer, with or without cargo of maximum weight up to 60000kg.

Technical characteristics of the scales

  • Dimension of weighbridge is 18x3m;
  • Measuring range/the lowest level: from 4000 to 60.000kg/20kg
  • The accuracy class is III
  • Temperature range: -10℃ up to +40℃
  • The scale is approved by the DIRECTORATE OF MEASURES under the official label M-3-654

Address: Italijanska bb, 35000 Jagodina, Srbija
Email: cng@visokogradnja.rs
Phone: +381 62 798 204
Working time: 00-24h each day

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About Us

Cargo Center is a modern production and service center, unique in this part of Serbia, and strategically positioned at a location that is easily connected with all parts of South-East Europe.

CARGO CENTER is situated in the new industrial zone in Jagodina, only 800m away from Corridor E-75, and is an ideal infrastructure for all international, transportation and logistics companies that want to take full advantage of direct access to E-75 highway (direct flow, lower transmission costs, without truck traffic limitation etc.).


Italijanska bb
35000 Jagodina, Serbia
Email: office@cargo-center.rs
Phone: +381 62 798 204