Custom warehouse

We have a type “A” Public Customs Warehouse, approved by the Customs Administration, which is adapted for storage of all kinds of goods. Your goods are safe and secure in our Warehouse, always available at your request. It has complete video/audio surveillance and technical security which provides goods safety 24 hours a day. The Warehouse is situated near the highway, and it has a secured truck entrance, as well as scales for weighing trucks/goods.

Address: Italijanska bb, 35000 Jagodina, Srbija
Phone 1: +381 62 798 047
Phone 2: +381 62 798 204

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About Us

Cargo Center is a modern production and service center, unique in this part of Serbia, and strategically positioned at a location that is easily connected with all parts of South-East Europe.

CARGO CENTER is situated in the new industrial zone in Jagodina, only 800m away from Corridor E-75, and is an ideal infrastructure for all international, transportation and logistics companies that want to take full advantage of direct access to E-75 highway (direct flow, lower transmission costs, without truck traffic limitation etc.).


Italijanska bb
35000 Jagodina, Serbia
Phone: +381 62 798 204